Are static power supplies, better than one Starting Aid, why not use batteries. Provide energy for the start  vehicle engines to gasoline, alcohol or diesel directly from the mains. Have the ability to rotate, with good speed motors up to 400HP (biphasic) and 800HP (three-phase). For powers above can be provided other models on request. New model, reinforced by more resistant box, full opening.

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Turn the AC 220 or 380 volt mains, direct output current of 12 or 24 V High current capacity for matches without batteries. Replace with numerous advantages external batteries for use in matches and engine maintenance.

For electronic diesel engines use three-phase model. The biphasic can be used with batteries in parallel.

The "ELB-124", can be used with the engine or the vehicle mainly for testing outside of the motor vehicle.

Not possess active moving parts, maintenance is limited to the conservation of external parties and not necessary periodic reviews inside.

Market leader since 1979. Currently the "ELB-124" are manufactured in series, laser machines and CNC without handicrafts, within strict standards, and equipped with modern industrial technology, with 3D design. Use high quality components that ensure its efficiency, safety and durability.

Can be used in grinding engines, workshops diesel engines, bus companies, trucking agencies, workshops tractors, large construction companies, carriers, vehicle manufacturers to Diesel, etc.

 Do not let your "ELB-124" old stopped. Whenever you need, you can count on our technical assistance, directly at the factory, where we receive your old equipment for repair, overhaul or exchange a new one.

Technical Information:

INPUT: 220 or 380 volts, two-phase, 60Hz (should be asked as the tension between two phases)
                      220/380 volt, three phase, 60Hz (three-phase voltage has change 220 / 380V);
OUT: 24:24 Volts.

In support 12V and 24V without overloading problems of up to 50% in intermittent time of 5 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest;

Special Use: They have pure DC output terminal (filtered) to the coil (petrol and alcohol).


8.8 kVA - Maximum peak, during a match with heavy engine and 0.2 kVA at rest (the brown model phase / two-phase);

17,6 kVA - Maximum peak, during a match with heavy engine and 0.4 kVA at rest (three-phase white model).


They have the fast fuses to the mains input;

They have a fuse for the standard 12V filtered output;

They have the perfect electrical isolation of the parties under the mains voltage, to protect the operator.

DIMENSIONS: 37 x 61 x 93 cm, 

WEIGHT: 67 Kg and 130 Kg.

More details and make your installation refer to the Technical Manual that can be provided by email.

The three-phase equipment can be used in aircraft and vehicles, in parallel, without disconnecting the battery, because it has low ripple DC.

It is also made to order, shredders for still larger battery for starting locomotive engines (72V) and very large diesel engines. The best choice in Starting Aid, source for starting, pacifier, starting rectifier, inverter, rectifier, automotive supply, battery pacifier, dead battery, lowered battery, battery charger, bernardão.