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(The "JET-POWER FILTER I   2000", "JET-POWER FILTER I   1600" are similar, but with smaller capacity.)



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The Jet-Power Filter II is the Electric GPU that meets all aircraft 28VDC or 14 / 28VDC (optional), maximum current of 2500A peak, with three-phase input 220 / 380Vca, externally adjustable and DC filter high performance. Electronic model, highly reliable, with automatic current limiting, external adjustment of the output voltage of the panel with seven positions. Active electronic protection against phase failure, overcurrent and overvoltage, voltmeter and ammeter with. It is the TOP of the normal line, without comparison with other GPU's our or other manufacturers. Manufactured on an industrial scale, without craft items, and using high quality components. Now in new box with full opening with easy access to all components. 

This model is the only one three-phase transformer 6" stacking and thicker wiring (the 2000 has 5" and 1600 4" on the same plate). This makes it work with up to 17% voltage drop in the power grid, providing good matches also in weak grids.

Special conditions for export by FEDEX. Contacte us. 

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jet2014abertoIn this photo Jet-Power Filter II, open, a lot exported to the US, some items are optional.


 Now in new box with full opening with easy access to all components. 

Warranty: 03 (three) years.

Manufactured in series, with delivery 3-15 days as programming at the time of purchase.
Expected to be measured, calibrated or repaired by the customer, following detailed instructions in your manual.

General features:

Automatic limitation of the starting current, without adjustment or operator knowledge.
Operational controls easy to use and can operate exposed to the weather, without danger of electric shock;
Model for intense and professional use, where quality comes before cost;
3D design and circuit and electronic vibration-proof, water and salt spray, unparalleled in Brazilian equipment.
Horizontal model, easy to drive on the track or maintenance hangars, due to its reduced weight and size;
It is the best and most sophisticated, however the best selling of all our GPU's 28VDC.

Technical Characteristics and Operational:

Input: 220 / 380VCA three-phase, external adjustment , 60Hz, or 50Hz;
Output: 28VDC, adjusting key with the panel by adjusting the range of 26 to 32VCC with seven adjustment positions. (11.5 to 14,5Volts OPTIONAL);
Two output 28VDC with two independents cables for aircraft MI-8, optional (28+28VDC);
Maximum output current: 2500 peak amps for 15 seconds; 1,500 Amps peak for 45 seconds. A continuous 450;
Maximum power: 70 KVA, peak, with full load. Obs .: The power required installation can be much lower if not used the maximum current. Example: With a load of up to 1200A in the output, a power of 37 KVA is required;
Dimensions: Length 1150 mm, width 710 mm, 940 mm;
Weight: 220Kg;
Ripple: 0.035% to 100A; 0.19% to 300A;
New active electronic circuit to AIRCRAFT PROTECTION being answered, which protects the GPU and the aircraft automatically in the event of phase failure in the power grid, voltage (above 31,5VDC), overcurrent, without causing unnecessary shutdown;
Single six-phase rectifying circuit 60 degrees with high efficiency filter;
Forced cooling of 6 rectifiers 28VDC, with fan;
Electronic circuit indicator of the presence of 03 power phases;
Side hooks to accommodate the input and output cables;
Input cable in 4x10mm2 gauge, length of 20 meters and with the three-phase plug according to your installation (please provide an example and it needs more input cable);
Output cable in the gauge 2x95mm2, flexible, with anti friction protective UV-proof, specifically manufactured with the length of 05 meters and with standard plug 28VDC;
Protection against short-circuit, using silized fuses, fast action, with external access;
Contains service outlets 127 and 220, any phase supply voltage.
NEW MODEL, mounted on lightweight chassis, but in excellent mechanical strength, with 04 wheels of great durability, with metal housing chemically treated against corrosion and electrostatic polyester paint, white in color; Full access for maintenance. Easy opening panel, with only 2 screws on the sides. Cover hinged to the front in one piece. Possibility to have optional outputs to meet other aircraft maintenance.
Track warning flasher, the top of the fairing, with electronic circuit; Control panel illuminated by LED'se strip sealed to be resistant to sun and rain, placed in an easily accessible place, with the following parts:
01 Voltmeter with scale of 0 to 40VCC;
01 Ammeter with scale of 0 to 2500A;
01 push-button to turn on the equipment;
01 push-button to turn off and reset the equipment;
01 of the output voltage selector switch in seven positions;
01 Traffic light indicator Surge;
03 signalers phases presence indicators at the entrance of the equipment;
01 Traffic sign on GPU indicator.
OPTIONAL 1: Three outputs (14 and 28VDC) and one pair for maintenance;
OPTIONAL 2: Three outputs 28VDC, two for maintenance;

Features when provided with two different output voltages:
Do not have the output voltage selector switch, because the outputs SIMULTANEOUSLY work without danger that operator error can modify them;
It has independent output cables for 14 VDC (4m) and 28 VDC (5m to start) and connector for the third maintenance output (14 or 28VDC). Optionally can be supplied cable for this third output, with the length and tension as needed;
Can be powered down for maintenance while three aircraft, with loading up to 450A for the three aircraft;
The rectifier circuits are independent (two sets of diodes and heat sinks for output voltage, and filtering for both DC outputs.
More details in the detailed manual in Portuguese (also in English on request or in equipment for export).

(The "JET-POWER FILTER I 2000", "JET-POWER FILTER I 1600" are similar, but with smaller capacity.)